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Felicia Angel
Six years in the Navy has given me a strange outlook on life, a lot of visited countries and cities, and a rather annoyed outlook on kids able to afford exchange student programs. Then again I didn't save up as much as I wanted to. In the meantime, I'm a random historian and information junkie who attempts to write regular fiction, is told I have talent, and instead of writing regular fiction ends up with fanfiction. But then again, I'm just lazy like that.

Countries Visited Thus Far:Australia (city: Darwin), Greece/Crete (city: Souda Bay), Bahrain (city:...Bahrain?), UAE (city: Fujarah), Pakistan (city: Karachi--we were helping with the earthquake relief, we didn't go there to visit), Singapore (city: Singapore), China (city: Hong Kong), Panama (city: Balboa, at entrance to Panama Canal), Brazil (city: Salvador), Argentina (cities: Buenos Aires, Puerto Belgrano), Chile (cities: Valpariso, Mejillones, Inquique), Gutamala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico (city: Maztalan...and I'm avoiding border-towns like TJ), Japan (BOOYA! Cities: Yokosuka), Thailand (city: Phuket)
Food: eggs of any sort
Place Visited: Outside US--Greece/Singapore/Buenos Aires/Yokosuka; Inside US--Bay Area (San Francisco/Oakland), Boston, Monterey

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